Why Choose to Use a Laminated Postcard?

There’s a myriad of reasons to send your prospects or customers a laminated postcard. To understand its overall value, you need to see how it fits into the marketing mix. 

In Marketing, 1+1 = 3

Marketing is most effective when it’s bundled. That’s why consumer packaged goods companies put their products on sale, drop a coupon in the Sunday paper, and also feature their product on an endcap. They’ve learned over the years that whole campaigns provide more significant returns than the sum of their parts. The same is true with direct response. As people get bombarded with emails, direct mail is now seen as the tactic that breaks through the clutter. And when email and direct mail are combined, response rates spike.

Adding Touchpoints to the Journey

Every buyer takes a different path to purchase, as confirmed by the game-changing Google Zero Moment of Truth Shopper Study of 4,000 customers in various product categories. Because every buyer’s journey is different, marketers need to utilize multiple touchpoints, like a direct response, to get prospects to engage. 

Lamination Increases Perceived Value

As with other specialty finishes, a laminated postcard appears more valuable to prospects than a regular paper postcard and thus increases overall response rates.