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Make Your Events Special with Custom Wall Graphics

If you have watched red carpet events on TV, then you have surely seen the walls behind the stars. When the famous star stops for a photographer, they would do it in front of a wall bearing the sponsor’s logo. When celebrities enter the event, they would have their photos taken in front of this wall. This step and repeat wall is a backdrop for photo ops at Hollywood events. As you might have noticed the sponsors’ logos on the walls are printed wit repeating images. These wall graphics are also being used in charity events so that they can give recognition to contributors.

Great photo ops are not only for these famous people. Today, events all over the world use these step and repeat walls or banners. You see them in charity golf tournaments, summer concerts, and event planners all over are including these walls in their d?cor. Having your guests photographed in front of wall graphics of your own design will make them feel like VIP guests in your event.

With custom printed walls, you can control the space and appearance of your event.

With the use of wall printing technology, you can have your custom wall graphics printed onto removable vinyl and installed on the walls of your event site. You can also use fabric walls printed and mounted onto portable frames.

A custom visual backdrop will be provided by these wall graphics which can help define and divide the space of your event. These walls can guide your guests into your next event. They can even be used as a divider or a cover for an unattractive part of your event space. In an outdoor event, these walls can keep your crowds contained and it can also display your brand.

Media walls can be custom printed with your own or chosen graphics. The style and design can be temporarily applied to the walls of your event location or printed on portable fabric or vinyl. With the wall graphic backdrop, guests will have a fun time with their personal photo ops. In weddings these wall graphics that use custom media wall printing can be used as the backdrop of wedding photos with the couple and in charitable events, people can take selfies which they can share in their social media accounts so that the charitable event is advertised. You can use these wall graphics to share you brand or ideas with your guests and their social media followers.

So, whatever your event may be, a wedding party, a charity race, an awards ceremony or just a fun family get together, give your guests star treatment with custom printed graphic walls.

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