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Cleaning the coffee maker requires use of a sponge, dry dish towel, damp dish towel, hot soapy water, and clean water. The first step to cleaning the coffee maker involves dumping any coffee grounds left in the filter while emptying the carafe. Water and vinegar solution is made by using equal amounts of water and vinegar and filling the water chamber to capacity. The coffee maker is turned off for an hour in order to allow it rest after running the brew cycle until halfway.The brew cycle is cleared by turning on the coffee maker after the end of the one hour. Completion of the brew cycle allows the start of the next phase which filling the water chamber with clean water only.

Running of the brew cycle begins again after filling the water chamber with clean water. Cooling of the coffee maker machine is done in between the brews as the brew cycle is repeated two times more. Washing of the carafe and filtering the basket in hot soapy water takes place as well as wiping of the coffee maker from the exterior surface.

In the final process of cleaning the coffee maker its reassembled in order for the next brewing to take place.Cleaning regularly is an important process in order to brew the best coffee over and over again. Brewing of coffee is done by using coffeemakers. Coffee makers are also known as coffee machines and are of different types.

In coffee making there are different brewing principles that are applied. Machines used in coffee making include; cafetiere, espresso machine, single serve coffee maker, electric drip coffee makers among others. Admitting of water from a cold water reservoir into a flexible hose in the base of the reservoir leading to heating in a heating chamber is the working mechanism of electric drip coffee maker. Its referred to as dripolator and the principle applied by this type of coffee maker is thermosiphon. In order for the heated water to reach the ground coffee it passes through an insulated rubber then to a spray head then to the ground coffee contained in a brew basket.

Being electric a thermostat is contained in order to turn off the heating element when needed so as to prevent over heating in the metal tube by the water. Passing of hot water pressurized steam through ground coffee is the working mechanism of moka pot or stove top coffee maker. As a type of coffee making machine is the vacuum brewer which uses the vacuum principle. Heating the water in a lower vessel until expansion forces the contents through a narrow tube into an upper vessel containing the ground coffee is the working mode of vacuum brewer.

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