Take Strong Medicines or Change Your Healthy Life: Which Is the Most Effective for Overcoming Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction or impotence is a sexual problem that is often experienced by men. Most men choose to take strong drugs such as Levitra as a way of dealing with impotence. Meanwhile, doctors recommend you to change your lifestyle to be healthier. Actually, which one is more effective to treat erectile dysfunction? Here are the considerations.

Overcoming erectile dysfunction with strong drugs

Strong drugs such as Viagra, Levitra, or Cialis are often the first choice so that men can last longer during sex. These drugs contain PDE5 which has the effect of relaxing muscles and increasing blood flow in the body. If the muscles relax and blood flow increases, more blood will flow to the penis so that it is finally able to have a stronger and longer lasting erection. You may visit here, Potenzmittel rezeptfrei

Strong drugs work best if taken 30-60 minutes before sexual activity, and should only be taken one tablet a day on an empty stomach. However, you are not enough just to take medication and then the penis is erect. You still need to get sexual stimulation that can trigger blood flow to the penis, either through visuals such as watching porn or reading erotic books or from touch, such as masturbation or touch from a partner. Without sexual stimulation, natural tonics or chemical tonics will not have any effect.

Male tonic in general can maintain an erection up to 4-5 hours after use coupled with sexual stimulation. After the effect of the drug wears off, the remaining drug in the blood will be flushed out in the urine when you urinate.

However, this medicine should not be used in men with the following conditions:

  • Have too severe narrowing of the arteries.
  • Taking nitrate drugs for heart disease.
  • Have certain heart diseases/disorders.
  • After prostate surgery.
  • Have diabetes.
  • Have very low blood pressure (hypotension).
  • How to overcome impotence with healthy lifestyle changes

Lifestyle changes are the first things your doctor recommends if you consult to find ways to overcome impotence. This is because impotence aka erectile difficulties generally occur due to blood circulation that is not smooth.

Exercise and eating a healthy diet to maintain a normal weight can help each other to improve blood flow. Regular exercise and maintaining a balanced healthy diet can eliminate the buildup of fat and cholesterol plaques in the walls of blood vessels that make blood flow not smooth. Same with staying away from alcohol and cigarettes. Both can trigger the buildup of fatty plaques in blood vessels and narrow the vessels so that the penis is not able to have a steady erection when needed.

In addition, healthy lifestyle changes can also help overcome various psychological problems such as stress and anxiety which can be the root cause of erectile problems, even if you do not have any disease or health problems.

A study found that a healthy balanced diet filled with lots of fruits and vegetables as well as whole grains and whole grains can reduce the frequency of recurrence of impotence in men with erectile dysfunction.

In short, erectile dysfunction is a blood flow problem. So, when you manage to keep your blood vessels in a healthy state, you can reduce your risk of erectile dysfunction.

So, which one is more effective?

When comparing powerful drugs and a healthy lifestyle, you should also look at how you apply them.

A healthy lifestyle may take longer to show results

Compared to the immediate effect of the drug, the “cure impotence” effect of changing a healthier lifestyle may appear more slowly. The more often you exercise and the longer you stick to a healthy diet, the more obvious the results will be. But the advantage is how to overcome this proven impotence without side effects.

In addition to improving blood flow, exercise and healthy eating help the body achieve a balance in the production of hormones that play a role in creating arousal and initiating and maintaining an erection. For years, experts have reported that exercise increases levels of endorphins, the chemical responsible for increasing feelings of happiness and self-confidence, and testosterone, which plays a role in regulating and maintaining sexual arousal.

Whichever way you go, consulting a doctor is still necessary

Some people choose to use drugs as a way of dealing with impotence, while others think that healthy eating, positive thinking, and exercise can reduce the symptoms. There’s nothing wrong with either of them.

Everyone has different conditions and not all types of treatment are effective for everyone. Consult further with your doctor to find out which method is right for you.