I Just Found out We Have Money

I was never really aware that my girlfriend’s father had any money, although I have known him for about four years I guess. They live in a normal house, although it is rather nice and they have a swimming pool. At some point he did talk to me about being a bitcoin trader, but this was right after I met him and at the time I was not really sure what bitcoin was. Of course the man never really seemed to do very much, but I thought this was because his wife was the vice president of a fairly large company. I never saw his office until recently. It used to be Emily’s bedroom and in there he has three or four computer towers and about nine monitors, six of them in the corner in an array. When you look at it you get a little dizzy looking at the graphs and graphics. He explained what was going on, but I was no wiser afterwards than I was before.

At any rate they held something of a meeting and it soon dawned on me that the two of them were talking about giving Emily some of their money in such a way that the IRS would not end up with any of it. I thought it was a little crazy at first, but when you have a lot of money you start to think about it. They called this thing a trust apparently and the idea is simple enough when you get down to it. They want to make sure that Emily ends up with as much of the money as is possible. The scope of it was surprising and after a bit I was surprised that I was involved. Of course I always intended to marry her, but it is not official just yet.