Dad is Getting a Show Plate

My dad loves everything about cars. He had his first car as soon as he started driving, and he has always had one ever since. He learned how to fix just about everything on them, and he loves to tinker around with other people’s cars too. He goes to classic car shows pretty often, so I knew instantly that I wanted to get him a show plate as soon as I went to I had gone there to order a new registration plate for my own car because my old ones got damaged in an accident.

It was easy to order mine, but I did not leave the site as soon as my order was placed. I had seen where I would be able to order show plates here too. Now while my own registration plate is legal to be on my vehicle, I knew that the show plate I was getting for Dad would not be. That was okay though. He has his own garage, and he has little signs up that have to do with cars. He did not have any show plates though, and I just knew he would enjoy having one for his favorite place.

The neat thing about this site is that I was able to customize so much of the show plate because it would not be on a car that is on the street. That gave me a lot of creative freedom, and I designed Dad a really great show plate. In fact, even though I have not given it to him yet since his birthday is still a couple of weeks away, I suspect that he is going to want to go to this site and order a few more on his own. When you see the perfect gift like this for someone, it really is a good feeling inside!