Brandon and I Write a Paper

Brandon and I have been best friends since childhood. We have been it some very interesting adventures. We even attended the same college. I never expected that to happen. For as long as I know him, Brandon has always had a major flaw. He would constantly shirk his responsibilities. It was hard for him to stay on task for anything. He would get easily distracted instead of doing his work. I found out the hard way about Brandon’s problem in college. We did a paper together. I used a plagiarism checker and it saved our college careers.

Once, Brandon and I were took an American history course. Our professor assigned us a paper. The topic that we had to write about was the Civil War and its importance. We had to work in teams of two. Normally, I would work by myself and make a perfect grade on my paper. Unfortunately, our professor required us to work in pairs. I wanted to ask Allison Tang to be my partner. She was smart and very beautiful. I knew that we both have good ideas for the paper. Just as I was about to ask her, my friend Brandon approached me and suggested that we work together. As soon as I turned around, Alice had already partnered with someone else. Brandon would have to do

From the first couple of days, I had problems with Brandon. We agreed to meet in the university library to do research. He was a hour late because he was too busy flirting with cheerleaders. When he finally showed up, he seemed disinterested and unfocused. The next day while I was in the library, Brandon approached me with a finished paper. He told me that be purchased it and we did not have to work hard anymore. I was aghast. I knew that if were caught with purchased paper, we would be kicked out of school. I finally had enough of Brandon’s antics. I told him that if the clean up his act, we could not be friends. Brandon decided he had to change.

Brandon and I worked all night on our paper. It was very hard work, but it was honest. I used the plagiarism checker and it determined that our paper was original. Brandon realized that he had to start taking his academics a little more seriously.