6 Important Applications You Need to Run Your Small Business Seamlessly

6 Important Mobile App Features for Your Business

Technology is proving to be a small business owner’s best ally against the competition.

Thankfully, gone are days when we had to guess our way through building and running a successful business and having to learn from a long trail of mistakes because with specially designed apps for small business, they can have a clearer picture of how to optimize business operation, understand what the customer wants, design better products, track key business indices, improve on their marketing strategies, and a whole lot more that ultimately should result in greater profit margins and growth.

As an entrepreneur, you have to adapt to survive and the small business apps give you the best chance at this. In this post, we shall be recommending 6 apps you should try out.

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Google Analytics

According to the data found online, there are over 30 million small businesses registered in the U.S. and quite a sizable number of these businesses also have an online presence. So, these businesses need to track and have important data at their fingertips that will assist them to track traffic to their website. With Google Analytics, small businesses like yours can have a clear picture of the growth of your website in real-time. This app allows users to view locations where their website has access and even demographics of the visitors and other key indices. When it comes to features, just like with most other Google services, this app is well designed and easy to use. It also offers users graphs and charts that are easy to understand.


As a small business, you will require a payment solution (especially if you own an online business) that will allow your business to receive payments from anywhere in the world with ease. The Square app is a top business tool that offers this service. With this app receive payments made with both credit and debit cards anywhere in the world. But offers even more services like real-time sales data collection and analytics, sending of invoices to clients, an automated marketing email sending feature, and more.


Needless to say, bad accounting ruins small businesses and affects their growth. So, an accounting app that helps to simplify this difficult business practice could be a lifesaver (at least for your business). QuickBooks is a great tool that keeps you up-to-date about your business’s financial status. What does it do? It records and tracks sales and expenses, helps you connect to your business account and your other payment tools, and also simplifies doing your taxes.


The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we do business in the future and it isn’t all bad, because now businesses are now more aware of the fact that everyone doesn’t have to be in the same building to get the job done. Zoom is a video conferencing app that has revolutionized the idea of business meetings and it one of the biggest winners during the period of a global lockdown, one of the most exciting features of this app is that it allows for group video conferencing that can host up to 500 active participants. Other features include screen recording and screen sharing. The app is pretty easy to use and offers flexible subscription plans.


Need a way to share files with your employees or team wherever they are in the world seamlessly and safely? Dropbox is probably the most popular app for file sharing and storage used by millions of users including small businesses. One feature of this app we like is how easy it is to use. It also seamlessly syncs with other apps like zoom to make file sharing even easier. It offers other very handy features.


There are so many advantages of email newsletters but you need a tool/app that will make this task easy and fast. MailChimp is one the most exciting apps for this task as it offers amazing features like keeping track of and managing your mailing list, unique and well-designed newsletter templates, and even other marketing features. What’s more? Its subscription is affordable.

These are 6 of the top apps that should give your business the much-needed advantage and that should help it achieve growth.