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How to Take Care of a Roof to Keep It Durable

Surely you don’t want the comfort of your residence to be disturbed because of the damaged roof, right? Besides being inconvenient, the cost of repairing the roof will also be costly. Fortunately, there is the best roofing contractor Oshkosh at an affordable price you can hire to treat or repair the roof of your house with excellent service.

In the following, we have several ways to make your roof last longer and more durable.

Be Diligent to Check the Condition of the Roof of Your House

The best way to maintain the durability of the roof is to actively check how your roof is. Is there any tile that is loose, leaking, rotten, or the earlier it is known the better? No need to check the condition of your roof every day, usually routine checks only need to be done twice a year. The aim is to prevent damage to the roof by ensuring that the roof of your house is maintained and in good condition.

Give Enough Room for Air Circulation Under the Roof

Invest in the beginning when you build a house so that there is enough space under the roof so that air circulation can be maintained properly. You don’t want the roof of the house to become damp and then accumulate moisture. So that there will be a leak. Besides that, also look at the outside of the house, if there is a tall tree with lots of branches and is at risk of breaking it during heavy rain, then cut it immediately.

Catch Problems Early

This treatment is one of the cheapest ways because you just need to be more careful and only need to go around looking at the ceiling of the room in your house regularly. So, here are some things that need to be considered when you check the condition of the ceiling or roof:

  • The roof of the house looks cracked, broken, and torn.
  • Damage or loss of roof covering material.
  • The presence of termites that look like sand on the roofs.
  • There is mold on the roof.
  • The existence of wet seepage blooms on the roof.

Train yourself to be more careful about looking at the roof of the house is very easy to do. Just take a little time to glance at the roof of the house every day when you come home from work, play, or something. Hopefully, our article is useful for all of you.

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These are the 5 Most Popular Types of House Roofs by Material!

The roof is the most important house protector. The roof will protect the house from the sun and rain, while at the same time beautifying the appearance of the house. Therefore, the roof of the house must be sturdy so that it lasts and can protect the house in prime condition. If you need a quality house roofer to install or repair your roof, you can call Oshkosh roofing to do it with perfect results.

Based on the ingredients, there are many variations on the roof of the house that you can choose. Like the 5 most popular types of roofs that you can see below!

Roof the Clay House

Certainly, you are very familiar with the types of clay roofs. Including the most popular type of tile, this type of roof is produced through a press and burning process. This type of clay roof has advantages such as the price that is economical, durable and quite strong when stepped on.

However, this type of clay roof has a number of drawbacks, such as being easy to be mossy so it must be coated with paint first, requires accuracy when installation to avoid leakage, is not too strong in resisting the wind and should ideally be attached to a strong frame.

Asphalt Roofing House

Besides clay, another popular type of roof is asphalt. Made by combining fiberglass and mineral coated asphalt, this type of roof is available in two models, namely flat and corrugated.

For the type of asphalt house roof wave model, the installation is done by screwing it into the gorging beam, while the type of flat-shaped asphalt house roof can be pasted through multiplex which is screwed in the frame.

Many people choose the type of asphalt roof because it is practical in installation, light-weighted, fireproof, wind-resistant, anti-fungal, and can be worn on a sloping roof up to 90 °. Unfortunately, the type of roof of the famous asphalt house is expensive and not environmentally friendly.

Metal House Roof

If you prioritize durability, you can choose the roof of a house made from metal tile. This type of roof uses a combination of various materials such as aluminum, iron, copper, and zinc. At present, many types of metal roofs are used in buildings such as schools or workshops.

The advantage, the type of metal roof is very practical to install, has a lightweight, anti-rust, anti-rupture, leak-proof, does not cause heat, fire resistance, wind resistance and flexible to be installed in various fields. Behind the many advantages, the type of famous metal house roof with an expensive price and requires high accuracy when installing it.

Ceramic House Roof

Do you want to build a house with a Mediterranean house architecture? You can choose the type of roof made of ceramic. You can also add a touch of ceramics on the front as a porch ceramic house. Offer aesthetic glazing finishing, ceramic roof types are ready to give the impression of luxury to your home.

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