Repel Dew on Car Windshield When It Rains

For car users, conditions during the rainy season need extra attention to make travel safe and comfortable. One of the trivial issues but quite disturbing driving comfort is the emergence of dew on the windshield of the car shortly after it rains. If you find any damage to your windshield, just bring your car to the best windshield service, namely windshield replacement Scottsdale.

The appearance of dew on the windshield, especially the front, disturbs the driver’s view. Of course, it is very dangerous because it can trigger an accident. Faced with events like that do not have to panic. Here are the tips:

#1. Activate the AC with High Volume.

When it rains, that’s when the temperature suddenly turns cold. The temperature is smaller than in the cabin of the car. As a result, there is a difference in air pressure outside and inside the car.

A gust of carbon dioxide when the driver and passengers of the car and a gust of air from the air conditioner are condensed in the windshield. Therefore, you have to act fast once you know it’s starting to rain.

The trick, activate the AC to a high level. So even with a blower. That’s to offset the decrease in air temperature outside the car. If it turns out that way does not work, it means that your car’s air conditioner has a problem. You need to try an emergency method.

#2. Apply the Shampoo in The Inner Windshield.

An emergency way that you can take is to apply hair shampoo in the windshield in the upper part. Smear the section transversely from the left and right. Or vice versa, Likewise at the bottom.

Hair shampoo has certain chemical elements with a certain amount of PH. The element is able to reduce water surface tension or water intermolecular attraction. As a result, water is not easy to collect or experience condensation, aka forming dew.

#3. Sprinkle the Outer Windshield with Tobacco.

If you don’t bring shampoo, it turns out that cigarette tobacco can be a solution. The trick, sprinkle, then dab the front windshield of the car with tobacco mixed with a little water. Maybe scientifically this way cannot be justified. But this experience has proven.

#4. The Process of Activating the Correct AC.

As mentioned in the first point, the dew in the car when it rains because of the difference in temperature pressure between inside and outside the car. The temperature inside the cabin lower than outside the car triggers the appearance of dew.

Especially if the car is parked all day in a place directly affected by the sun. Therefore, avoid parking like that. Second, activate the AC correctly.

The trick, before you start the car engine open all the window panes for 5-10 minutes. After the engine is started immediately activate the AC and the blower to the highest volume. It was intended so that the rest of the heat away from the cabin.

When the cabin feels cool, … Read More..