A Scooter Temporarily out of Service

My grandfather has been using a mobility scooter for a few years now, and recently he had to get a new battery because the old one wouldn’t hold a charge. The battery was fine when he first started using the mobility scooter, but as the years passed, the battery began to need charging more frequently, until one day when it just stopped. Since my grandfather isn’t the most tech savvy person, he asked me to help him order a battery online. I found a battery at https://slkmobility.com/mobility-scooter-batteries/ that was compatible with his particular scooter.

While waiting for the battery to arrive, I had to push my grandfather around to whereever he wanted to go. He could do some walking, but only for short distances, and needed to use his old wheelchair most of the time. His arm strength isn’t what it used to be, so trying to push a heavy chair around like a younger man would have been quite a difficult task. He uses the chair to go everywhere. Whenever he makes a trip to the store, he normally uses the scooter and loves rolling around in the store aisles, but with the chair, I have to push him around the aisles. He always wants me to go faster, as if he’s in some kind of go cart. I never thought being pushed around would be fun, but to him it was fun.

Once the battery arrived, I took out the old one and put the new one into the scooter. My grandfather was happy to have his scooter working again, but also missed that I wouldn’t be pushing him around the store anymore. I told him that I could come back and push him around some more if he wanted, but then he said that I would only slow him down.