St. Catharines Feis 2014
St. Catharines Feis 2014

Did you know?

St. Catharines is only a 15 minute drive from Niagara Falls

    US and Canadian children under 16 do not need a passport to cross the US/Canada border by land (just an original birth certificate or other proof of citizenship)

16 and Over can travel with a passport, enhanced driver’s license, enhanced non driver identification, FAST card, NEXUS card, Permanent Resident Card (I-551), or a US Passport card. (non US or Canadian citizens have other requirements so please check if you are not a citizen – has a good summary chart)

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We Look forward to seeing you July 26, 2014!

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In 2013 we raised $460 for St. Vincent de Paul from our Rock N Reel.
Please consider joining us for this fun event in 2014.  
Proceeds will support The Child Assault Prevention program
Save the Date - July 26, 2014